More About Me

I am a writer, bisexual, feminist, geek, horrorista, Scorpio, atheist, naturalistic Pagan, humanist(alienist), Sapphist, & Satanic Philosoraptor.

I write short stories. Some of them might be good. They’re all weird (hopefully). I may or may not ever actually publish said stories here.

I live in New Jersey, which I have mixed feelings about. I don’t dress up like normal people dress up. I like to cook and I like to clean, but I hate cleaning after I cook. I love science.

Dinosaurs had feathers; get over it.


You can reach me at:

Gmail: BrigitteKMcKenna

Twitter: @ThatBitchFromNJ

Twitfic: @Antagument

Tumblr: ThatBitchFromNJ

Goodreads: Brigitte McKenna

Mixcloud: ThatBitchFromNJ

Pandora: ThatBitchFromNJ